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Succeed by Having Vitality

by Ron Kurtus (updated 22 January 2022)

Having vitality means that you are in good physical and mental condition, which results in having the energy, strength and stamina needed to take on various tasks and activities, as well as to handle problems. Vitality is one of the 5 Powers of a Champion™, which will help you be successful in achieving your goals.

Many people want to have vitality and vigor, but achieving that goal can be a challenge due to outside forces and their own destructive attitudes. For one thing, being in condition not only requires being in good physical, mental and emotional health, but it also means to move your body and mind to a state of excellence, as opposed to the average. Having vitality allows you to perform at your best. But also in interpersonal activities, your vitality is important to the other person. Your vitality makes you essential to their goals.

The purpose of these lessons is to encourage you to overcome the challenges and to give you a start at improving your vitality, as well as the vitality of your loved ones. It is also useful for those studying a career in healthcare or medicine.

Vitality Contents

Vitality basics

What is Vitality?

Achieving Vitality

Effect of Your Vitality on Others (coming soon)

Physical fitness

Improving Your Physical Fitness

Benefits of Physical Strength

Workout Plateaus

Strategies for Staying Healthy

Mental fitness

Improving Your Mental Fitness

Strategies for Good Mental Health

Emotional fitness

Improving Your Emotional Fitness (coming soon)


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