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Feedback Q&A on Vitality

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 9 comments and questions on Vitality issues. They are listed according to date.

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Resources Resource USA
Resources Resource USA
General Vitality resources USA
Resources Suggested resources USA
Mental Fitness How to control stress? Tanzania
General To make my sperm quality better Denmark
Mental Fitness Seeking to improve mental stamina India
Mental Fitness Is physical fitness more important than mental fitness? Bangladesh
Mental Fitness Does memory training work for those with ADHD? USA

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Topic: Resources


July 7, 2016


My name is Keri. I teach Physical Education and am researching information about swimming health and safety to utilize for my summer class program and came across your page -

It was very useful so thank you for the information! Since your page lists other useful pages, I wanted to share another resource that I found helpful -

The page has some great information which I think you and your readers might find it useful as well. If you're updating your page please consider adding it as it has Health Benefits of Swimming for All.

Let me know your thoughts!

Best regards,

Keri - USA



Thanks for the resource. I added it to Vitality Resources.

Best wishes for success in your summer class.

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Topic: Resources


June 13, 2016


I spent longer than I intended browsing through the resources on your site (specifically, this page: and found several I'd not seen before. I can only imagine the help and support you've given those seeking information on taking care of all aspects of their health, not just one side of it!

My team and I recently completed a new article, which I'm passing along to you for consideration:

It discusses the critical warning signs that a loved one may be abusing their prescription drugs.

If you feel it meets your requirements, we'd be honored to have you include it on this resource page. If you don't, we'd love to know that too so that we can make changes to the piece to ensure it's the most valuable resource it can be.

Keep up the great work -- you’ve really inspired me!


Elizabeth - USA



Thanks for article resource. I added a link to it at Health Resources - Drug Dangers.

Best wishes with your efforts.

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Vitality resources

Topic: General


December 10, 2015

Hello and Happy (Nearly) New Year!

As we approach a brand new year, many of us set our sights on making health-related behavioral changes. Here at EducatorLabs, we believe that at the root of any behavioral change lies a need for education.

What a perfect time to gather - and share! - some inspirational resources to help us all accomplish the health-related goals we set for ourselves and our families.

Please consider sharing these resources on your site and let me know if you have some you’d like to share with me!

Happy 2016! | Cultivating. Connecting. Curating

Jasmine - USA



Thanks for the resources. I added them to Resources on Vitality.

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Suggested resources

Topic: Resources


May 4, 2015

Hi there,

I know from my personal experience with illness - PCOS and its various complications - that maintaining a healthy weight is vital to long-term wellbeing. Learning how to evaluate and track my health beyond just the number on the scale has been a very important first step in my path to wellness. Of course, health is not just weight: it’s exercise and activity, it’s taking care of your body and preventing illness, and it’s being proactive about maintenance

I’m being a bit bold and reaching out because I think we share the same mission: to empower the public through knowledge to get healthy and live longer, happier lives.

As part of my work with EducatorLabs - which provides free resources for public use, including in schools and local organizations! - I’ve been working to put together a collection of resources to help individuals on the path to health. I’d love to hear if you have any that you recommend, as well as if you’d be willing to share them with your audience (perhaps on this page:

Be Active. National Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

Health & Fitness Calculators

Overuse Injury: How to prevent training injuries

Heart Health & Swimming

8 Things You Can Do to Prevent A Stroke

How to Avoid a Heart Attack

Preventing Excessive Alcohol Use

Health and Substance Abuse

Tips For Eating Healthy While Eating Out

Travel workout: Fitness tips for business travelers

Tips on Combating Jet Lag

If you’d prefer I not reach out in the future, please do reply and let me know (and sorry!). However, my hope is that these resources help your audience, and that together we can make a difference.

All the best,

Jasmine - USA



Thanks for the suggested resources. I added them to Resources on Vitality.

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How to control stress?

Topic: Mental Fitness


March 14, 2014

How to control stres?

EDWARD - Tanzania



Stress can be caused by a number of factors. Some people get stressed by trying to do too many things at once. Others get stressed by worrying about problems or being concerned about achieving some important goal. Others are in such a rush that they get stressed.

In today's busy world, people feel stressed from checking all the messages on their cell phones or computers.

It is good to determine what is making you stressed. Certainly, things that are not really important are not worth worrying about. And many things that a person has to do aren't that important.

Just sitting once in a while and not thinking about stressful obligations can be relaxing and reduce the stress. Everyone needs time for fun and relaxation.

The most important things in life are not those that make you stressed. Try to enjoy those things.

I hope these ideas will help you. I know you have the ability to be successful and to overcome your stress.

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To make my sperm quality better

Topic: General


February 10, 2011

I would like to know what to do to make my sperm quality better.
Thank you

Baba - Denmark



Being in good physical condition and eating proper foods helps improve the sperm count and quality. Becoming overweight and eating fatty foods reduces the quality.

Also, wearing tight underwear and riding a bicycle can overheat the testicles and reduce the quality and quantity of your sperm.

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Seeking to improve mental stamina

Topic: Mental Fitness


October 28, 2010

My question is that, will an increased intake of any particular vitamin or any such thing help to improve mental stamina? I have been depressed and was even schizophrenic at times, was emotionally very sensitive. Wanted to know if anything can be done to improve mental toughness, not only for me, but in general.

Sreeja - India



Although there are some vitamins that are supposed to improve mental stamina, they only seem to work on a short-term basis. The best method for improving mental stamina is to become physically fit through exercise that increases your oxygen intake. The added efficiency in using oxygen will improve the ability of your brain to function and do mental processes.

Taking time to meditate for a short period each day will give you relaxation and also help your mental powers.

Interestingly enough, this type of exercise and meditation is very helpful for those who have problems with depression. However, a big problem when a person is depressed is that he does not want to exercise.

Finally, finding activities that you truly love are very good in calming your emotional feelings.

Best wishes for excellent mental fitness.

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Is physical fitness more important than mental fitness?

Topic: Mental Fitness


February 1, 2009

Would let know: Which one is more important for a human life and why?

1. Physical fitness or
2. Mental fitness

Gias - Bangladesh



Mental fitness often requires physical fitness. If you are physically tired, your mind will not work well. But having mental fitness can help you overcome physical problems, provided you are not too ill or unhealthy to think.

In most cases, you would say that physical fitness is more important. But there are exceptions. Steven Hawking is considered the smartest scientist today. But he has a serious disease such that he has little physical fitness. But his mind is fit.

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Does memory training work for those with ADHD?

Topic: Mental Fitness


November 5, 2008

What do you think about memory training such as the one offered on Does it help? And does it help for those with ADHD?


Martin - USA



FoxyThinking looks like an interesting site in stimulating your brain with puzzles and memory tools. It certainly can't hurt to use those programs.

The best way to increase your memory is by reinforcing what you want to remember. When you are introduced to someone, repeat the person's name a few times in your conversation and try to notice something unusual about the person to relate to the next time you see him or her. Likewise, if you see or hear something you want to remember, repeat it and even write it down. This ingrains it in your memory. Simply trying to remember things better makes you more aware and helps your memory.

The problem people with ADHD have is not that their memory is poor, but it is that they often don't pay attention and may not register information given. For example, if you told someone who has ADHD your name, the person may not be paying enough attention to even hear or register your name. Instead, he may be distracted by all sorts of other things.

Training, medication and maturity will help those with ADHD to slow down their thought process and to pay attention or focus on important things around them.

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