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by Ron Kurtus (updated 30 August 2022)

The following are resources on Vitality. If you have any suggestions of other resources, let me know about them.


Use these resources to help your understanding of the material.

Physical fitness

Exercise and Physical Fitness - From Medine Plus; a good listing of sources

Vitality Magazine - News about health, happiness and productivity

Be Active - National Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

Health & Fitness Calculators

Overuse Injury - How to prevent training injuries

Travel workout - Fitness tips for business travelers

Tips on Combating Jet Lag

8 Things You Can Do to Prevent A Stroke

How to Avoid a Heart Attack

Heart Attack Quiz

Making Small, Health-Boosting Changes Throughout the Year

How to Boost Your Immune System

Expert: 10-Minute Workouts Can Have Big Payoff

FitStays - Find a weight-loss resort

Popularity of online exercise - From


Health Benefits of Swimming for All - Listing of benefits in different situations

Heart Health & Swimming

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Healthy Eating on a Budget - US Dept. of Agriculture

Improve Your Health From Your Kitchen


Best Foods for Sleep and Energy

Relationship Between Sleep And Gut Health -

Home environment

How Does Your Personal Environment Impact Your Well-being?

Healthy House, Healthier Body

Steam Showers -

Mental and Emotional fitness

Mental Fitness Center - Articles on mental and emotional issues

Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Mental Fitness by Dr. Mark Stibich

Healthy Aging - Emotional and Mental Vitality - From WebMD

Preventing Excessive Alcohol Use

Stress Effects on the Body

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Top-rated books on Vitality

Top-rated books on Physical Fitness

Top-rated books on Mental Fitness

Top-rated books on Personal Energy



You can use these resources to find out further information on vitality issues.

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Vitality topics


Vitality topics


Physical fitness

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